The prompt


Define a demographic and solve a problem for them by designing and branding a product as well as  accompanying packaging.



Packing for an overnight trip can be tricky as a 5-7 year old. They are just going off to school and in turn becoming more independent and self sufficient with the ability to use simple tools and follow step-by-step instructions. Determining the necessities and quantity of items for more than one day however is not yet a skill.



The Chickadee Travel Pack is a children's backpack comprised of three main compartments. The center section is large enough to pack three pairs of pants and shirts as well as a sweatshirt or light jacket. Side pockets are designed for smaller items such as socks, undergarments and toiletries. Mesh construction allows packed items to remain visible. The center flap also doubles as a laundry bag. Dirty clothes can now be kept separate from clean ones.




Packing cards accompany the backpack. Each card has an illustration of a clothing item and a sliding rule to identify the correct number to bring. Parents can select the proper clothes and quantity before handing them off to their little one.




The black cap chickadee is incredibly curious, constantly investigating its surroundings. Similar to the curiosity and willingness to learn of a 5-7 year old child. An illustrative style was used for the clothing cards to create a naive aesthetic. Watercolor textures were applied to the background of the cards as well as the tag to add bright playful color. The typeface used for the brand name is Quicksand for its round letterforms which allude to those found in elementary school lettering workbooks. The typeface St. Marie was used for the secondary type in the logo because the overall shape of the letterforms are similar to the roundness of Quicksand, yet its slab serifs add a contrasting element.


Help the little one in your life pack for their next big adventure. Sturdy cotton creates a durable and washable pack that can stand up to the wear and tear of travel. A 10.5 liter capacity allows space to pack for multiple days and the large zipper pouch doubles as a laundry bag to keep clean cloths separate from the dirty.

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